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Vision: “To create a strong organization that provides direction for our community and its growth.”

Mission: “Working together to accomplish community betterment.”

The Independence Chamber of Commerce is a proud supporter of many events that help to generate commerce, community spirit and betterment as well as business development in Independence.

Our events are held throughout the year and encompass three areas of interest. First is a focus on business enhancement and economic development. These events are showcased to not only provide exposure to our various businesses, but also serve as a unique way to present networking opportunities among business owners and associates within the community.

Our second focus is to develop and implement events that contribute to the betterment of our community. These endeavors aim to recruit potential businesses to locate here as well as present a quality of life that relocating families are looking for.

Our third, and final focus, is to furnish events that cater to our community’s most valuable entity; the children of Independence. By offering events that children and families can take part in, they get a feel of community togetherness and spirit.