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IACC Awards & Hall of Fame

The Independence Area Chamber of Commerce holds the Annual Awards Banquet each year in the month of February, celebrating community and business accomplishments of the past year.  Awards are given to the following categories in recognition of outstanding spirit, passion, and dedication to community progress.  Nominations are accepted between the months of November-January.  Nominations may be submitted via e-mail, drop-off, or mail.  For a full list of previous awards and award recipients click on the link provided: Previous Award Winners 112 1st St. E. PO Box 104. Independence, IA 50644

Citizen of the Year

An individual whose volunteer actions and/or community support has been extraordinary in nature, and by those actions have greatly benefited the community.

Year Recipient
2015 Rick Wulfekuhle
2014 Pete and Terry Gaumer
2013 Joe Olsen
2012 John Behan
2011 Keith Donnelly
2010 Emmett Donnelly
2009 Kriss & Steve McGraw
2008 Sue Ann Raymond
2007 Leonard Schmidt
2006 Bill Stamper
2005 Mike McGill
2004 Jon Holland
2003 Craig Johnson
2001 Gene McBride
2000 Carolee O’Brien
1999 Tom Magner
1998 Bill Hickey
1997 Jerry Barske
1996 Maurice “Tex” Pentecost
1995 John Evers & Jeanette Randall
1994 Dolph Leytz
1993 Art Finnegan
1992 Stan Slessor
1991 Brenda Ristvedt
1990 Vickie Kegler
1989 Lorraine Mochal
1988 N. Clark Madison
1987 Wilbur Tiffany
1986 Frank Brimmer
1985 Jim Hughes
1984 Shirley Erdman
1983 Mary Kay Blin
1982 Larry D. Kane
1981 Elizabeth McSweeney
1980 Dale White
1979 Mary Klotzbach
1978 Paul Soener
1977 Robert Blakesley
1976 Dr. P.J. Leehey
1975 Leanne Harrison
1974 Al Lynes
1973 Jim Martin, Sr.
1972 Ed Harberts
1971 Olivery Greenley
1970 Reeves Hall
1969 Don Parish
1968 Carl Kruempel

Business Person

An individual who has excelled in their business field and has benefited, or will benefit, the community.

Year Recipient
2015 Mark Nielsen
2014 Tim Reed
2013 Dr. Dan Kegler
2012 Doug Cue
2011 Dick Curry
2010 Angie Manson
2009 Joe Olsen
2008 Dr. Carrie Hamilton
2007 Ron Hearn
2006 Brian Eddy & Chad Ronnebaum
2005 Shawn Phelps
2004 Brian Lillie
2003 Robert Hearn
2001 Scott Geater
2000 Connie Brown
1998 Bret Kivell
1997 Bonita Davis
1996 Jeff Orvis

Chamber Hall of Fame

This award is given to an individual(s) who has demonstrated outstanding community involvement and leadership. A person who has freely given of their time and talents for numerous community events and fundraisers.

Year Recipient
2015 Jon Holland
2014 LeRoy Greenley
2013 Dr. Bhasker Dave, Don & Connie Brown
2012 Jim & Karen Connell, Judy Scott
2011 Frankie Bowden, Wanda Goins
2010 Rabbit (William) & Helen Donnelly, Frank Shaw
2009 Jeannie Neeley, Fred Smock, Brian Eddy
2008 Jack Hoglan, Mayor Frank Brimmer
2007 Bob & Shirley Tekippe; Robert Richard; Jim Blin
2006 Chuck Conklin; Leanne Harrison; Bonita Davis
2005 Bob Cook; Doug Beier
2004 Dr. John Mochal; Diane Brimmer
2003 Dr. Richard Myers
2001 Wilbur Nielsen
2000 Jerry Boubin, Sr.
1999 Jim Hughes
1998 Rudy Leytze
1997 Ila Dunlap
1995 Oliver Greenley; Dr. Robert Henderson; Don Parrish; Ed Harberts; Frank Brimmer; Cyril “Cy” Handfelt

Business of the Year

A business whose owners and/or employees have demonstrated outstanding initiative in the community through volunteer efforts, projects, and/or donations.

Year Recipient
2015 Fareway
2014 Signs & More, LLC
2013 Fusion Forward, LLC
2012 Dunlap Motors
2011 Larson Construction
2010 BankIowa
2009 Geater Machining & Manufacturing
2008 Okoboji Grill
2007 Bachman Tool & Die, Co.
2006 Q3 Innovations, LLC
2005 BCHC Therapy & Wellnesss Connection
2004 BankIowa

Teacher of the Year

An outstanding educational provider who continues to and goes above and beyond to push his or her students to achieve their highest goals. The individual creates a fun and productive learning atmosphere for our youth, is dedicated to encouraging learning and growth.

Year Recipient
2015 Helen Lukes
2014 Lori Dietzenbach
2013 Connie Weber
2012 Kay Reidy
2011 Cheryl Hand
2010 Pat Thomas
2009 Susan Harper; Gary Buresh
2008 Joanne Alessio
2007 Tim Nichols
2006 Marilyn Freeman
2005 Connie Sorg
2004 Bob Bainbridge
2003 JoAnn Crain
2001 Deb Dutler
2000 Jacquie McTaggart
1999 Richard Krone
1998 Gene Ficken
1997 Harriet Short
1996 Charlene Ortner
1995 Wanda Goins
1994 Ed Trullinger

Mentor of the Year

Year Recipient
2015 Kitty Myers
2014 Marty Ives
2013 John Klotzbach
2012 Lois Thedens
2011 Lois Temeyer
2010 Norma Gates
2009 Donna Harms & Burt Van Horn
2008 Julie Miller
2007 Joe Olsen
2006 Wilbur Tiffany & Cole Thompson
2005 Dr. Doug Peterschmidt; Stephany Harvey; (Jacob Freeman) & Mary Ellen Earles
2004 Richard Schillinglaw

Project of the Year

Any outstanding civic, community, church, or organization’s project that has benefited, or will benefit, the community.

Year Recipient
2015 Brandon Park
2013 Jr./Sr. High School
2012 Wapsipinicon Mill Roof
2011 Multipurpose Facility
2010 Buchanan County Fair Association; Independence Motor Speedway
2009 Operation Family Pack, Independence
2008 Independence Public Library
2006 Brew-B-Q
2005 Heartland Acres
2004 Independence Day Celebration